687 – Goldengreen

These are images from Saturday. In the morning I had a portrait session, and late in the afternoon, when I drove to the lake, I used the 70-300 to dive into another world.

This is not a long trip, only 20 minutes by car, and I guess over the years I have taken photographs all along the way, but our world really is fractal. Regardless of how close you have looked, there is always something closer.

Take those fields. They look unspectacular when you drive by, but when you lie on your belly, when you put your camera into manual focus mode, zoom out to 300 mm and slowly change focus from far to very near, when you do that, you see a constantly changing world.

Even when you don’t move at all, at every distance there is something completely different, and you disclose it by moving a thin focal plane from near to far, from far to near.

But that’s not all. In the Image of the Day I have shot into the light, and that produces all those gorgeous rim lights. Or what about peeking over a light blue car door?

In the last image I am back to the macroscopic, ending up seeing the landscape as an abstract composition of triangles.

For almost a day I have searched for a title and a Song of the Day, but nothing would fit. I finally gave up and so I ask you: What is it, the proper Song of the Day?

Edit: OK, “redskiesatnight” contributed the solution. The Song of the Day is “Fields of Gold” by Sting, but I felt compelled to add a touch of my own. I’ll propose the version by Sting together with Corsica’s “I Muvrini”, available on their 2005 album “A Strada“. See the video on YouTube. I’ve been three times on Corsica, and this island, not much bigger than Carinthia, not more then eight hours away from here, this island is paradise, or to say it in their toungue, “U Paradisu”. Corsu, sempre Corsu!

8 thoughts on “687 – Goldengreen”

  1. Goldengreen is beautiful.
    “Fields of gold” is a very good song for this picture. I prefer “Summertime” (and the living is easy:-)
    sunny greetings

  2. Yes, “Field of Gold”, or “Terre d’ Oru” is it. Thanks.

    I had “Summertime” two times so far, and I’m going to use it once a year. This year we already had it 🙂

  3. Fields of Gold, a beautiful choice.
    I listened to it yesterday after redskiesatnight.com posted the comment. Such a caress for the ear, like the waving corn for the eye.

  4. Well, it’s perfect, no question, but for me it’s much more I Muvrini than Sting. Corsica is magic, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  5. “…our world really is fractal.”

    I love that! I have thought about this concept so many times. Taking picture of the same ol’ stuff can be an entirely unique experience every time. There are an infinite number of pictures one could take from any single spot on earth.

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