685 – When The Sun Sets

Hmm … Sunday and I’m still posting Thursday’s images? Oh well.

This is a bicycle I found in the morning, and it is a good example for what I like in bicycle images: simple, elegant geometry, and that in nice lively colors and with a perfect posture. Of course the isolation that you get with 300 mm and f5.6 really does help 🙂

The Image of the Day is from Thursday evening. I left the bath when they closed, and while going to the Underground, I looked back over the water (remember, the bath, Gänsehäufel, is an island in the river), just to see the sun spill its last splendor. I love summer.

The Song of the Day is Sidney Bechet’s “When The Sun Sets Down South”, and there are no lyrics, even when most lyrics sites promise to provide them soon, or regret that “the artist chose to not disclose” them 🙂

I have it on disc 21 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive“, and searching on Amazon, I found it only as MP3 download. Strangely, the album does not seem to be available on CD.