682 – Little Boy Blue

Well, I guess I’ve written enough today, but here is another image, shot this morning. I already photographed this tiny bicycle once and then did not use the image, so here it is again today, this time cropped to a square.

The Song of the Day is Tom Waits’ “Little Boy Blue“, sung by the wonderful Holly Cole on her albums “Temptation” and the live album “It Happened One Night” (at least it’s on my copy of the Japanese version). See her perform live on YouTube. Good news is, that she seems widely available now, and Amazon even has sound samples of most of her albums. I suggest, if you don’t know her yet, check her out. You won’t regret it.

One thought on “682 – Little Boy Blue”

  1. Little Boy Blue brought me to Holly Cole. And again a beautiful voice is entering the room. Nice you saw that little boy today and snapped it with your camera. It’s the navy blue with the range of yellows that makes this image of today an attractive one. I hesitate about the unfocused foreground. Aren’t the darkblues and yellows enough for you?

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