679 – All The Tired Horses

It’s Saturday, I am in Vienna to work over the weekend, and these are the images of Friday. Well, there’s at least one advantage in staying here: there is no dearth of Friday images as usual.

Yesterday all was about bicycles, ranging from moderately new to very old, but all of them tired and standing resting.

Therefore the Song of the Day is Bob Dylan’s two line lyric wonder “All The Tired Horses” from his much ridiculed 1970 album “Self Portrait“. Hear it on YouTube.

Now really: How are we supposed to get any ridin’ done? Hmm.

6 thoughts on “679 – All The Tired Horses”

  1. Your love affair with the bicycle has yielded some great images once again. That last one makes my butt sore just looking at it, and the square crop works really well by the way.

  2. How you feel is how you see?
    Six days work in stead of five. It could be possible.:-)

    I’ve a weakness for bikes too, especially the aged ones. They are like shoes, real personalities.
    And there will never be enough images to honour them, for the heavy loads they have to carry some days. (as I said: they are like shoes. Hmm)
    Have a nice Sunday

  3. Thanks all. A nice weekend to you as well. I’ll have to work, but on my way there, I’ll make use of the sunny weather, snap some images, get myself a nice breakfast, and all will be fine 🙂

  4. You have nudged me to take bicycle images. And I still have not found ONE that resonates in any way. You have a stunning ability to find form, shape, and character in these things. This has got to be an important book Andreas… but not now… nope… keep seeing these things. And continue to use them to develop a sense of place and artifact.

    I can see you doing ten years of images then going back and collecting the images for that book… some even with people actually ON the bicycles… accentuating your use of them as a stand-in for the existence of people in the urban concept.

  5. Ahh, bicycles with riders, that’s bicycle photography for grown-ups. I’m not that far yet 🙂

    But, yes, there will be a book some day. Promised.

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