676 – Mother Stands For Comfort

I’m back to color again with three of yesterday’s images, one from the morning and two night images.

The first is shot into a street on Spittelberg, the heart of Vienna’s 7th district, home of a lively artistic community. 270mm, f5.6, ISO 2200 at 1/15s, handheld. Did I ever say I love VR?

The second is a Harley that I simply could not ignore. Even for 70mm and already with my back against the wall, I was a tad near, thus the composition. Still, with the rails in the background, I think it works.

The Image of the Day is straight from the camera. Why exactly this image? Well, it’s something in the gesture of the child, something carefree, something trusting, something comfortable that appealed top me.

The Song of the Day, “Mother Stands For Comfort“, is from Kate Bush’s 1985 album “Hounds of Love“. Hear it on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “676 – Mother Stands For Comfort”

  1. The rhythms are a remarkable part of your pictures. I think it’s a kind of music to you. (Without rhythm, no music.) Every time they show up, it’s like a sweet song in my ear. A lullaby this time.
    Although…..does Kate on lullaby’s?

  2. Yeah, rhythms. Someone has to tell you those things, has to point them out, and for me Craig Tanner has done it in the countless “Daily Critiques” that I’ve seen on The Radiant Vista.

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