Aug 192008

Black & white, the last refuge of the color blind, as Ted likes to say. I don’t do it very often, but sometimes it is a no-brainer, for instance when there is not much color to begin with.

I shot these two images yesterday morning on my way to work, and the interesting thing is, that I had something totally different in mind. I wanted to use the long lens to capture the hundreds of cables above our streets, long rows of light fixtures dancing in between. In fact I did and the images were not even bad, at least workable in any case, but then this image of a bicycle rider came in between, and somehow everything else paled.

Does this happen to you as well? That you go out with a certain goal, determined to concentrate on a certain kind of subject, and then the unexpected happens? What do you do? Do you give in as I did?

For all who don’t like B&W, here is something in color. Although, it’s graffiti on a garage door, and some people don’t like graffiti either 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Dexter Rides Again” by Dexter Gordon. I have it on disc 84 of “The Ultimate Jazz Archive“. I even found a sound sample. It’s the background music to a video about “HAM Radio:PL-259 Installation Made Easy and FUNny“. Oh well.

  5 Responses to “675 – Dexter Rides Again”

  1. Yes of course. There always has to be time and perception for the unexpected. What are the squares on the street, shadows?

  2. Yes, shadows of light fixtures.

  3. Well, that is perfect for B&W! A very interesting shot.

  4. I kid about B&W, but of course I'm not absolutist on any technique. It's just that (1) after four decades of overwhelmingly doing B&W n my wet darkrooms, it seemed difficult for me to find much new in the genre, and (2) Given that digital makes color exploration free to everyone, we have a new frontier to explore and B&W represents the past, or a place for young photographers to merely recreate much that has been done. Still, there are dramatic and important things still found in new B&W images.

    Given your eye, I expect that you will find many of them… even if it is the last refuge for the color blind 🙂

  5. Hmm … actually I'd really like to see you do some. You know, I always like to learn, and I guess there is something to be learned from you, even in B&W 🙂

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