667 – Electric Ladyland VI

I’ve spent most of my day sleeping and mulling over a title for yesterday’s entry, and what meager fruit I earned, I earned it late afternoon on my way to the lake. I was really in a hurry, thus I had no time to experiment. I settled with an image that I had already taken once and not used then. Today I used the new Nikon 70-300 VR at 112mm and f8.

As always in this series: The Song of the Day is still “Have You Ever Been (to Electric Ladyland)” from Jimi Hendrix’ 1968 album “Electric Ladyland“.

2 thoughts on “667 – Electric Ladyland VI”

  1. This new lens is really working out for you. You seem to have a natural ability to isolate your subjects, and the lens accentuates that in a very pleasing way.

    This is definitely something that I need to work on, since I’m a wide angle addict whose images always seem a bit too cluttered. So I’m very glad to absorb what I can from looking at your experiments and spending some time thinking about what you’ve done.

  2. Well, as to isolation, I actually had to clone out part of a street light 🙂

    I absolutely enjoy your wide angles. Thanks for being here.

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