666 – The Number Of The Beast

This post was meant to be about fences, about looking down from a hill, about quiet summer mornings and such things. Of the two fence images that I shot Saturday morning, it was clear that I would take the vertical. The images were uploaded to SmugMug, and the only thing amiss was a title. Don’t you feel that, due to the strong compression at 300mm, both images look like gentle, rolling waves? I contemplated “Waves” by the Hooverphonic as title, but neither could I find a video on YouTube, nor was the text exactly fitting. These images certainly don’t evoke the feeling of sea waves in the night.

OK, I thought, let’s look for “Morning” as a keyword. “New Morning” by Nick Cave? Wow, a song like a religious epiphany, an explosion of pathos, … “The sky was a kingdom / All covered in blood” … I couldn’t. I have to save this song for the most impressive sunrise that I’ll ever encounter.

“Fool On The Hill”? Probably, but whose version? I was ready to go with Aretha Franklin, but still, it didn’t seem to fit. Maybe something different? Something like “Air” by The Incredible String Band? No way, already used for “128 – Rural Quietude“. Still, this would have been the mood.

“Don’t Fence Me In”? The David Byrne version? I must have used that, have I? No, I have not and there is even a video. Hmm … Holly Cole would be even better, but as usual with her songs, no video, not even a sound sample on Amazon. Damn.

Having nothing really compelling, I went back to Aretha’s “Fool On The Hill” (or probably really the original by The Beatles?), and just as I wrote the caption on SmugMug, I recognized the number!

Oh my, I could have saved a lot of time. Thankfully I had a fitting image, shot yesterday as well.

The Song of the Day is “Ride My Llama” from Neil Young’s 1979 masterpiece “Rust Never Sleeps“. Hear it on YouTube.

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