665 – With A Little Help From My Friends

Yesterday I have announced that you will see more squares, well, today you get them, and I freely admit: This is byrnesque! Actually not only the final result is (and then, maybe not: Ted might have had some enhancements up his sleeve … I’d probably have as well, but not at 2:20am), no even the process is. I have done as I was told, loaded the image (4348×2964 pixels) in Photoshop, created a new image of size 2000×2000, moved the photo over as a layer and positioned it within the frame. Works like a charm.

In fact, what you see here are two views into the same image, one of them mirrored (lame question: which one :-?), and, interestingly enough, it does not even look obvious.

Shot today with my new Nikon 70-300 VR at 300mm. The air was humid and hot, thus the shimmering.

The Song of the Day is “With A Little Help From My Friends” from the classic 1967 Beatles album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“. Hear it on YouTube.

One thought on “665 – With A Little Help From My Friends”

  1. And another thing that’s cool about these images and a number of other recent posts here… Is the fact that you are showing us the mundane in ways that ROCK! The busy-ness of the train yard should be pedestrian but your eye has captured it in a captivating sense.

    Yes, partially the framing technique is helping, but the light, shaping and sense of motion all collude to do what so many of us fail to do… Slash through the veil of banality which causes us to simply not see, or show, what’s really around us to people who are not around us.

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