662 – Easy Living

It’s funny how my interests shift. At the moment I have the Nikon 18-200 VR mounted, originally by chance, just because I had needed it for Sunday’s flower session, and now I use it at full 200mm to photograph … people.

I have two images today, a warm and a cool one. Let’s begin with cool. I took this image while sitting in the patio of a restaurant. The frame fascinated me, I had time, and so I waited for interesting people to pass through. Compositionally I probably like this image better, it only lost color-wise.

The Image of the Day was shot a little earlier, in bright sunshine, and I absolutely love the colors of the shop and this relaxed, sleepy summer afternoon feeling. And of course those walls that remind me of my childhood, when I grew up in an old house with warm, yellow walls.

The Song of the Day is “Easy Living” from Bryan Ferry’s 1999 standards album “As Time Goes By“.

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