654 – Don’t Wait Too Long

Let’s get colorful today, will we? These are the images of Monday. I left work early enough to go swimming.

The red alarm device is in the Underground. Sometimes I am a junkie for vivid colors. Give me a screaming red and my heart beats faster 🙂

The next image, the chair, is already in “Gänsehäufl“, the biggest bath in Vienna, actually an island in the back waters of river Danube. Over time I acquire a nice collection of these images, because the chairs fascinate me every time I see them. For once, they are old. Very old. For twice, they are colorful and I see them always against a creamy white background. Finally: they are simple. Expect to see more of them.

The last image is the sundown over another back water, with some modern architecture. The image out of the camera was completely silhouetted. It’s amazing what you can get out of a RAW file. These are two variants from RAW, a contrast mask and a saturation layer in “Soft Light” mode, basically the same technique that I applied to the Image of the Day.

The Image of the Day is from early in the morning. I was waiting for the tramway train and fooling around a bit with shallow depth of field. The post of a traffic sign, the only thing that could remotely be used as a sharp foreground, came out extremely dark, color was bluish and far off, and indeed I didn’t even think about actually using this image. Only when I began to play with it in Photoshop did I see the potential.

The Song of the Day is “Don’t Wait Too Long” from Madeleine Peyroux’s 2004 album “Careless Love“. Very nice. Here is the video.