649 – Big Rain Tonight

Ahh, these days that begin bad and then only deteriorate! I left home in the morning and already had to duck under an umbrella. It did only rain moderately, but nevertheless enough to make me fear for my camera, and then it grew worse the whole day. In the evening when I left work, it poured down again.

This is an image that I shot in the morning. The lens? Just like in the other two images of today, my new Nikkor AF 85/1.8D! That’s what I finally settled for. Given that I have a fantastic Sigma 70/2.8 Macro, it is probably equally redundant as the 28/1.8 had been, contrasted with the 30/1.4, but, hey, it’s not about logic, it’s about fun.

So, what can I say about this lens? It’s metal, it’s robust, it looks good, it focuses fast, it focuses precisely, it has a nice bokeh and it is a bargain compared to the 85/1.4. The Image of the Day, the bicycle in the rain, is right out of the camera, the daylight image had its colors pushed, not more, and the night image of Volkstheater had all kinds of things done to it. All three images were shot from under an umbrella 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Last Night Was a Big Rain” from Sara Hickman’s 1989 album “Equal Scary People“. See a video on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “649 – Big Rain Tonight”

  1. Yeah, the bokeh is nice. Compared to the Sigma 85/2.8 Macro, this is a much less versatile lens though. Its minimum focusing distance is more than half a meter, wide open it has enormous purple fringing when overexposing, thus there are lots of good reasons to prefer the Sigma. Otoh, when you know its restrictions, it is a fun lens to have. Still, if I had to recommend a lens in this focal range, I would always recommend the Sigma.

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