648 – Inbetweenies

Do you know that feeling? That feeling when it is time for a new toy? Yesterday I have hinted at something and today’s image was made with a new Sigma 28/1.8. You know my images made with its wider sibling, the 20/1.8, and this one has the same amazing near-focusing capability.

Unfortunately not all was wine and roses. Wide open, at low light, I found it’s contrast severely lacking. I mean, I expected it, but not to this extend. In this regard the 20/1.8 fares better.

I originally bought this lens as a wide-but-not-so-wide street lens with macro capabilities. Being able to focus near, is one of the two things that I miss with my Sigma 30/1.4. The other thing is bokeh. What the 30/1.4 does to off-center out-of-focus point lights, can be more than harsh. On the other hand, contrast of the 30/1.4 is fantastic, even wide open. I may come back to the idea and get the Nikon 35/2.0 at some later time. This time I have traded the Sigma 28/1.8 in for a completely different lens 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Inbetweenies” by Ian Dury & The Blockheads. The compilation that I have is not readily available any more, I suggest you get “Reasons to Be Cheerful: The Very Best of Ian Dury & the Blockheads“. Hear a sound sample from some live concert on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “648 – Inbetweenies”

  1. Shallow DoF like in this picture is for me one of the outstanding techniques of photography. Not that the human eye would not see a close subject in a similar way, but our constant scanning and adapting never gives us an image like this.
    Combined with the ‘soothing’ green this is really an image to settle down and rest for a while.

  2. Hi Andreas,
    yes I know this feeling, playing with a new toy:-) your new picture opens foggy arms to rest and to dream for a while. lovely colours! sunny greetings

  3. Congrats to your new baby! Seems as if you already mastered it – it might have been a bit easier than that fisheye… 😉

    Nice calm shot, and I would agree with Markus the shallow DoF makes it a calm, relaxing photo.

  4. Thanks. As to the new baby, I’ve already traded it in for another one. More on that in the next post 🙂

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