645 – The Price You Pay

Back to normal again. Amazon has recovered during the night and SmugMug is also up again. Sorry folks.

Last morning, when posting Friday’s images, I’d almost posted these two as well. Uhmm … being days behind obviously tends to weaken my memory … or so 🙂

Anyway. Here we are with something old reflected in something new. This image, taken late Saturday morning, just minutes after the Image of the Day, shows the building where I work. I chose a B&W conversion with this bluish tint for increased drama. You may agree or not, some will certainly not. But for those I have the Image of the Day, a brightly colored triptych celebrating monetary opportunity and numeric decline 🙂

The Song of the Day is “The Price You Pay” from the 1980 Bruce Springsteen double album “The River“. There is no original on YouTube, but plenty of covers like this one.

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