640 – One More Night

I left Carinthia on Sunday evening and arrived in Vienna half an hour after midnight. Is an image shot at that time an image of Sunday or an image of Monday? In “639 – Midnight Riders” my answer was a resounding “Sunday, of course!”, but today I feel “Monday, probably” would be an equally good answer. Am I opportunistic or what?

This image was taken only minutes after the one posted for Sunday. Actually I like it better, although the SmugMug crowd thinks otherwise.

The Song of the Day is “One More Night” from the 1969 Bob Dylan album “Nashville Skyline“. I have no video by His Bobness, thus a cover will have to do.

4 thoughts on “640 – One More Night”

  1. I am most impressed with how the reflections even form a line to the subject. I second that bravo.

  2. Hmmmm…. Okay, what is the secret of the mystical colors in this and the last post? Huh? Huh? They are haunting me…

  3. great – I always enjoy how you master that wonderful light situation and achieve outstanding bokeh.

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