639 – Midnight Riders

It’s funny, at the time of writing, this image is #3 in the list of my most popular images on SmugMug, my image hosting provider and photo community. It’s an image that I took Sunday night when I arrived in Vienna. I think there is nothing particularly wrong with this image, in fact I liked it enough to make it Image of the Day, but of the images of the last days it is certainly not a favorite of mine. I see it as a filler, and it’s success is probably a sign of a certain randomness. Some images get picked up by the crowd, some don’t. Actually, the longer I think about this image, the more I feel the urge to crop from the right 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Midnight Riders” from the 2007 Patti Smith album of cover versions “Twelve“. You may like her version or not, but if not, there is always the original by the Allman Brothers Band.

One thought on “639 – Midnight Riders”

  1. Love these two similar shots, Andreas, but this one appeals to me a bit more because of the contrast the vegetation has with the lights…analog vs. digital, or living vs. operating. Well done, they’re both great.

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