636 – All Day and All of the Night

It’s Friday, I’m on the train, on my way to Carinthia, and these are two images of late yesterday afternoon.

Bicycles are one of my favorite subjects, and this double-portrait was my second bet for an Image of the Day, just in case #1 would not work. Turns out it did, at least for me, although everyone on SmugMug seems to ignore it 🙂

“Einfahrt Tag u. Nacht freihalten!” is German and means “Keep entrance clear all day and all of the night”, thus “All Day and All of the Night“, the 1964 second hit single by The Kinks is the Song of the Day. The recent “Ultimate Collection” is a very good compilation that I can recommend. Hear the single version and a live version on YouTube.

One thought on “636 – All Day and All of the Night”

  1. My wife asked me why I was studying all your pictures and I told her that you are a “master of line” and that I was trying to learn something. She said that I was “walking a fine line” and that she was going to teach me something. She is not as humorous as she thinks so I ignore her and keep seeing.

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