628 – I’m Waiting For The Man

I had processed these two images of yesterday right in time, but this time SmugMug had thwarted my plan to catch up. They had a longer outage last night (my night that is) during which no images could be added to the site.

I took both of these images yesterday afternoon, on my way home through Lerchenfelderstra├če, one at the corner Lange Gasse, one at the corner Kellermanngasse. The bicycle fastened to the railing was only a question of composition, the other one required some thought ­čÖé

The Song of the day is “I’m Waiting For The Man” from the classic 1967 Velvet Underground “Banana” album. See this video or that. Why exactly this song? Honestly, I have no idea :))

One thought on “628 – I’m Waiting For The Man”

  1. well seen and processed. Your style of “diagonals to the edges” works very strong here. The postprocessing matches the subject very well here and intensifies the artificiality of urban life.

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