626 – Gotta Travel On

After yesterday’s somewhat lengthy post, I’ll keep it very short today. This is the image for Monday, you see, instead of catching up, I managed to get even two days behind now 🙂

Monday afternoon I left Vienna for a one-day intermezzo in Carinthia. We had concert tickets for Tuesday evening. On my way to the Underground, I regularly pass this building, Justizpalast. You’ve seen it in “141 – Memories of Summer“, in “336 – Split Decision / Up In The Sky” and “154 – The Triumph of Parliamentarism” was taken from its roof terrace.

I had the Sigma 30/1.4 mounted, and when I saw the light/shadow pattern caused by the shadow of a flag falling on the wall, I decided to get very near and use extremely shallow DOF. Well, in fact f4.5 was what I ended up with, and even with that I was already at 1/4000s. In hindsight I like it better as it is anyway. Any shallower and the image would considerably loose depth.

The Song of the Day is “Gotta Travel On” from Bob Dylan’s much despised 1979 album “Self Portrait“. On youTube I have not found it by him, but as this is an old standard, there are other versions, for instance this one.