SoFoBoMo – Not Yet

It’s 11:55am on Sunday, June 1, local time. There is absolutely no possibility to pretend that SoFoBoMo were still running. It’s over.

I would have been able to create some PDF in time, but at around 8am, I have given up. Of the 48 edited images so far, four or five may be thrown out, but there are some definite keepers that, in the early editing phase, were treated in a slightly different style, and those I want to redo. There are also some color differences, and I’ll sort them out in the next two or three days. I have to do that in Vienna, where I have my best monitor. All monitors are calibrated, but calibration can only bring you so far.

Here we are. I still intend to finish the book, I’ll do it within the next days, but it may take me probably until next weekend. Then I will be at three weeks, which is still a nice achievement. I have no idea if I will be able to show it on though. I’ll ask.

Regular posting, with images etc, continues this evening.