623 – High Summer

It’s high summer again, and this year time seems to run on a frenzy. We had mixed weather so far, much rain lately, and work is a little bit over-represented in my life at the moment. I have stayed in Vienna for the weekend and will be off to work in some minutes.

Enough of the rant. I love these long days. I think one should spend all his life on the summer side of the planet. Although I leave work late, I always catch some daylight. This is the image of Friday, taken in Burggasse, in front of a former cinema. The light was blinding and I love the shadows and reflections on the ground.

Tonight I’ll really have to go back to my normal schedule. It feels different when you post about an image that you have taken only hours ago. The emotions are much more present. I’ll also have to write some words about creativity. Stay tuned. I’ll try hard to be back in the evening.

The Song of the Day is “High Summer” from Van Morrison’s 1999 album “Back on Top

One thought on “623 – High Summer”

  1. You are so comfortable with complex compositions like this. I like the fearless way you avoid DOF and allow the crisp detail to tell a story both foreground and background. In a strange way this is a character study of a very modern person and a sense of his place which is made very modern by his presence. Plus the super romantic palette bathes the entire thing in a glow that is so opposite of the grit which many urban photographers affect.

    We have been conditioned by the cliché of monochromes lathered in noisy grain and harsh contrast to expect that cities are dangerous places prowled by even more dangerous animals.

    And here you’ve constructed a cityscape that’s inviting and unthreatening even though there’s so much going on that it can hardly be considered peaceful.

    I like it when an artist shows that city’s are communities of real people that one need not fear, but rather a place where there are people that we are reduced because we have never met or at least walked among them.


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