618 – Melancholia

It was hot today, very hot, and on my way to my favorite lake, I took this image from out of the car. Post-processing took some time and involved a selectively masked and overall subdued B&W layer, some cloning and rather traditional burning. The result was not unlike yesterday’s image, but in the end I’ve added a strong saturation layer that brought almost all color back. Still, a little bit of the B&W character remains, and that’s what I want.

Yesterday’s image was really the result of a desparate experiment, but I feel that there is potential in this technique. I mean, selective B&W is cheesy, you know, these bright blue eyes in othewise B&W faces, but this is promising and you may see me walking that route once in a while.

The title? I have no idea, it just feels right 🙂

I’m on the train right now and with only a limited selection of music, and apart from that I can only slightly remember a song that has the word “melancholia” in it, but probably not in the title. Therefore I have simply searched for something on Google, and I have found this: a video on YouTube, titled “Melancholia“, and attributed to Led Zeppelin. No doubt, that is Led Zeppelin, I know the song, but they have nothing called Melancholia, I’ve checked the track listings for all their albums on Amazon. Googling for text fragments finally revealed that it is “Since I’ve Been Loving You“. I have it on a 4 CD box set called “Led Zeppelin“, but it is really from “Led Zeppelin III“. Well, whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.