616 – The Water

This morning I have fooled around for more than an hour with the only image of yesterday that could have been usable, but finally I decided to drop it. A dead horse is a dead horse, no need trying to ride it. Instead I present you another SoFoBoMo image, and this is the image that determined the style of my book. I had already processed more than fifteen images when I tried this one, and the result changed it all. This is one of the reasons why post-processing took me so long: after this image I had to re-work everything that came before.

The Song of the Day is “The Water” from the 2007 Feist album “The Reminder“. See her live at YouTube.

3 thoughts on “616 – The Water”

  1. Great shot! That’s certainly one of my favorites from your latest pieces.
    My only critque could concern the bright green bushes in the right of the frame. They are somewhat intense, catch quite some attention and hence distract a bit from the lead of that gorgeous major diagonal towards the “end of the tunnel”

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