614 – Rattlesnake Shake

Wednesday I’ve been working almost until 11pm. I took some images while on my way home, but post-processing them was absolutely out of the question.

It’s interesting: the fisheye gets absolutely familiar now. for a time I have used it exclusively to get into it, but now I keep returning when I am in the mood. Yesterday I was.

The Song of the Day is “Rattlesnake Shake” from the time when Fleetwood Mac still was the Band of the great Peter Green. “Then Play On“, their 1969 album is one to absolutely have. Wanna know why? See here or here. Oh well!

3 thoughts on “614 – Rattlesnake Shake”

  1. Back to the wideangle/fisheye roots? I like it, especially this one, and you grow better in it, again using your lines-into-corner style. A working picture this is, for shure.

  2. Well, I hope I do. There’d be something severely wrong if not 🙂

    Actually this was a late night, last energy effort, and I am glad that it turned out so well. I’d even have had some other promising candidates, but this was the first that I tried and therefore it won.

    And that is is the fisheye at all? This was not real preference, but it was the only wide angle lens that I carried with me. Wide angles are so much easier at night, because you can go down very low with your speeds. This was 1/8s handheld, and I could probably have gone down to 1/4s.

  3. I’ve enjoyed your fisheye works – this one is especially good! Your ability to get images posted with such regularity is amazing.

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