609 – Machines R Us

Today is Sunday and I have three entries to deliver. Well, it’s for a reason that I’m late. You’ll see 🙂

This image is from Friday morning. You know, the main problem when photographing details with a fisheye is, that it is almost impossible to get rid of the environment. Go as near as you want, everything around you is still visible. It bends further back, it moves further to the edges, but it is still there. Here I have solved the problem by cropping.

Post-processing was a matter of controlling contrast and keeping the colors fresh. I am not sure if this is the optimum, but I guess I could have done worse. This is really one of the most tenacious problems with the fisheye, and I can’t stress it enough: the enormous field of vision almost always includes something overly bright, thus hitting the right exposure is much harder than with a normal lens. I don’t know if you follow the discussion about RAW vs JPEG over at The Online Photographer, initiated by Ctein and followed up by Mike, but shooting with a fisheye is only one more reason to shoot RAW. You need every headroom that you can get.

The Song of the Day is “Machines R Us” from the 2001 Faithless album “Outrospective“. No lyrics, none necessary 🙂