602 – The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail

Sometimes you’ve got only one chance. This is the single image that I shot on Friday. I took it on my way to the train, just as I went up the escalator from the Underground. After the gloomy darkness below, I suddenly saw a blue sky and a flash of strong yellow. I did not think about it, I just raised the camera and, without any conscious effort, got this, just in the right split-second.

I combined three versions from one RAW file to cope with the enormous contrast, but otherwise I could have taken the original composition as shot. That I still cropped it, well, I saw the chance to get some lines int corners, and I simply couldn’t resist. The original was not bad, but this one is even stronger.

The Song of the Day is “The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail” from the 1991 Deacon Blue album “Fellow Hoodlums“. See them live on YouTube. The song is in the second part of the video.

3 thoughts on “602 – The Day That Jackie Jumped The Jail”

  1. Sorry for my ignorance. Did you use any special method to merge the 3 raw them or simple combining and blending (thinking of dgrin which you mention occasionally)? Thanks

  2. Simply blending the layers with masks. Frequently this works perfectly well. The only real problem with the original image was the burnt out yellow, and I got that back with -3EV from RAW. Basically it’s a bit of masking, a bit of tuning opacity, just as the image needs it.

  3. I particularly like the way the weight is balanced along the horizontal upper part of the T which you have revealed here. The building is just sufficientlly substantial substantial to hold the man in place on that teeter-totter.

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