601 – Rainy Day in June

There is a school of thought that reminds us to concentrate on one subject, to not clutter our images, to keep them free of distractions, and I am only too willing to submit, but not all of the time. Sometimes life is clutter, and to feel it, I have to let you dive in. Have you ever tried to photograph from under an umbrella, while walking in the rain? Well, that’s how it feels 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Rainy Day in June” from the classic 1966 Kinks album “Face to Face“. If you don’t have it, go for it. Hear the song on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “601 – Rainy Day in June”

  1. The umbrella is a nice accent, Andreas. It is often the subtle component which makes an image, and for me the combination of the sweeping line at the top and the curved white lines in the foreground…nice work man.

  2. Yeah, I like it as well. Normally when shooting in the rain, I try to keep it out of the image. With the fisheye it would have been impossible anyway, so I thought, heck, why not include it?

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