600 – My Days Are Numbered

So we’ve got some more, huh? Oh my, 600. The funny thing is, that when I began posting an image a day, although I was not sure that it would be easy to come up with one daily, I did not doubt that I would do this for a very long time.

Sure, I had photographed a lot before, for one and a half years with a Kodak bridge cam, and then since May 2006 with the Nikon D200, and although I had tried to photograph daily, I had never really managed to do so. When I began blogging, obviously the time was there. Since then, there has been an image for each day, and only something between 10 and 15 were not shot on the very same day.

As Ted always says, this has brought me along quite a way. I guess if you at all happen to like using a camera, there is no better training than using it. On the other hand, it slows me down in other respects. SoFoBoMo is an example. I would have had no trouble finishing in time, had I not taken it as a side project. Anyway. The current plan is still to finish it around this weekend.

The Song of the Day is “My Days Are Numbered” from the first Blood, Sweat & Tears album “Child Is Father to the Man“. Hear it on YouTube.