597 – SoFoBoMo – A Hard Day’s Night

You may have read the post from this Sunday noon, “SoFoBoMo – Not Yet“, that I have missed the SoFoBoMo deadline. Still, I don’t give up. This afternoon, shortly before 6pm, I have finished the last image. I am at 51 images now. I think I will cut that down to about 40 images in a very simple layout. I don’t even think about something as complicated (though it may not even be) as the book of Gordon McGregor. For me a very simple layout will do. One image on each right hand side, a piece of text on the facing side. The images will have a simple white background without a border. El cheapo? Sure, but so are many books. You must not forget that I have no influence on the sequence. What came first comes first. Strictly along the time line. This was one of the premises for the whole project. I wanted to get that combinatorial problem out of the way.

Have a look at Paul Butzi’s book “A Good Walk” (PDF). The left and the right image often combine wonderfully and make for one big composition. I can’t do that. I don’t have 800 images to choose from. I have what I have and the sequence is given.

Anyway. Now I sit on the train to Vienna, finishing this hard day with today’s blog entry. The Image of the Day was shot somewhere in the middle between Carinthia and Vienna, of course with the new fisheye.

The Song of the Day is “A Hard Day’s Night” from the Beatles album of the same name. See the video on YouTube.