592 – My Eye On You

I hope you don’t mind a big eye looking at you 🙂

This is another found image, this time today in the afternoon, at my way from work. I began early today, at 6:30 am and left work only at 6:00 pm, but thanks to daylight saving time (Oh how I love this!! Why can’t we have it all year?), I was still able to get some sunny images.

Sun or not, I finally ended up with this: an oval window in a door, some reflections and some warmly lit stucco inside. Like so many times over the last six months I used my Sigma 70/2.8. What a great lens for walking around and capturing details!

The Song of the Day is “My Eye On You” from the 1983 Bette Midler album “No Frills“.

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