588 – SoFoBoMo – Progressing Pretty Well

Funnily enough, having stress and no typical photo opportunity at all, that’s always a catalyst for me. In the morning, after having written yesterday’s entry, I had no time to take images, and in fact I arrived at work literally at the last minute.

I had already decided to skip image taking for today, when on my way to the train I looked through this fence.

Vienna’s southern railway station is one big construction site for the next years. You have already seen some images from there, and today, looking through this fence, I saw the signs reading “VIENNA SIGHTSEEING”.

Is that bizarre? In all this disorder, in all this chaos, in the middle of a place that’s as unattractive for tourists as it can get, there is a lost piece of touristic infrastructure. And in front of that … flowers. Well … that’s pretty, I thought.

There was not much processing needed for the Image of the Day. It was the first thing that I did on the train, and then I began to process more SoFoBoMo images. I managed to do five of them while on the train, and this brings the score up to 22. On the other hand, it’s a week now since I shot them, and there is only one more week to go. Still no idea how to make a book.

The Song of the Day is “Pretty” from the 2003 Beautiful South album “Gaze“. See a live version on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “588 – SoFoBoMo – Progressing Pretty Well”

  1. Now here’s a series I’d like to see, especially since I either lack the eye or the guts to do it.

    It seems to me that in your glorious ancient cities, and my elegantly aging places… In your radiant countrysides….. and mine… we look for beauty (you’ve seen my essay on that?)

    And we assiduously ignore the universally tacky. In the suburbs of glorious Florence I found block after block of box factory buildings. They could have ringed Philadelphia or stood in the Jersey oil fields.

    How much of our nests are getting fouled with the terminally banal? Hmmmmm…. I’ve tried to get my lens around it.. but its so common… so ordinary… that I can’t use any of my images to make the point.

    There are serial despoilers wreaking havoc all around us and leaving their architectural dung piles.

    It’s interesting that the closest we come to admitting our dirty little dingy secrets is the odd graffiti, eh?

  2. You’re SoFoMoBo images are stunning. I especially like the one here and the similar onealso of a hillside, from May 22. Keep ’em comimg.

  3. Thanks Bill. I definitely will. I have no idea how to ever finish the series, much less the book, but I will 😉

    Ted, I’ll do my best 🙂

    This image actually is part of a series, or rather two.

    Remember those see-through images taken with 200mm/f5.6? These Image, where I used blurry flowers as colored foregrounds? See “521 – Stories Of The Street“, “522 – War No More, War No More” and “523 – Pink Thing” for example. This is one series.

    The other one is “Electric Ladyland”, those images about the power lines gracing (or grazing??) our landscapes. See “II“, “III” and “IV“.

    And at the crossing of these two threads is my buddy Cody Redmon from Fine Art Photoblog. Recently on his blog he posted an image inspired by “Electric Ladyland III, that I had posted on Fine Art Photoblog. Cody has taken one particular quality of my image, ignorance of the “non-worthiness” of a subject, and interpreted it in the way of the see-through images, by shooting through an “unworthy” foreground. See his post “Obstructed Beauty” and the excellent image.

    In a comment to Cody’s post, I promised a response. Ever since then I have looked for one of these opportunities. It is one of the things that I keep my eyes open for.

    Now you have it. Seems like you, Ted, have just opened another series 🙂

  4. Hey Andreas,

    For some reason your latest comment on ‘Obstructed Beauty’ was held by my spam plugin and I didn’t see it until tonight…sorry. Thanks for following up with your image, though, I dig it. I love how the closest fence wires are enlarged due to proximity and their blurred lines create a feeling of being in jail or something. This is a cool presentation of nature in all its beauty within the confines of man’s concrete jungle. Looks like the ball’s in my court now, Andreas. 🙂

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