584 – SoFoBoMo – Slow Down

Niels Henriksen of “My Camera World” today asked me to make the “additional” images on the blog a bit bigger, e.g. double their size. Well, I admit, on a 24″ monitor they come out a tad small. The problem is, what I use here are sizes that get automatically generated by SmugMug, my image host, upon upload. The thumbnails are the smallest size, but the next size, “small” is already three to four times bigger. That’s too much. On the other hand, creating the images at sizes fitting into a 200×200 square and uploading them myself, that would take me much more time than I can afford. Sorry Niels, I’ve tried, but “small” makes the page look horrible. As I see no easy solution, I’ll to keep things as they are.

SoFoBoMo progress is slowing down. I have processed only three images tonight, one of them here for your pleasure. What I do at the moment is making all basic adjustments of color and contrast, clone things out, apply vignettes, re-light parts of the scene to support flow, and some things more. I will certainly have to come back to some images though. Later, when all these basic steps are done (before end of the week), I’ll get back to colors and try to create more of a consistent “look”.

As regards my daily photography, today that was restricted to my way home from work. Vienna is a beautiful city, and “Spittelberg”, the historical center of its 7th district, even more so. The first image is of an alleyway partially obscured by the branches of a tree. Like all other images of today it has been taken with the Sigma 30/1.4, this one at f1.4.

The next one is the image that I originally wanted to take as Image of the Day. It’s part of a lattice in front of a window of a historical building.

Finally I decided to take the chairs instead. They better fit the title of today’s SoFoBoMo report. Oops! What’s that? Titles choosing images??

Like the alleyway this image is an unprocessed JPEG right out of the camera. It has a slightly greenish cast that I easily could have removed, but that’s what the light is in this old, mossy backyard. Sometimes a cast is not a cast but simply atmosphere 🙂

The Song of the Day is “Slow Down” from India Arie’s 2002 album “Voyage to India“. No video, sorry.