582 – SoFoBoMo – The First Attack

Yesterday, after my first SoFoBoMo shooting trip, I was too tired to do much with the images at all, much less posting a blog entry. I had tried to realize concept #3, a real trip along a route, and I did it in a gorge in the southern mountains of Carinthia, the so called “Tscheppaschlucht“.

The idea was, to simply follow the trail along the creek. I ended up with a five hour walk and 140 images taken. Enough for a book? Probably, but I will return anyway. Almost all images were shot with the Sigma 10-20, mostly at or around 10mm. In hindsight I’d like to have more with other lenses. You know, any lens brings with it a certain way of seeing, and I’d like to explore some different angles before I call it a book.

Processing will be done in Lab mode, using a “Man from Mars” for color correction. The images were originally shot at “Cloudy” white balance. I did not trust the automatics with all that yellow/green foliage. Conversion in Camera RAW was done to 5000 Kelvin / +10. That’s a nice base for the Lab manipulations afterwards. Overall I try to keep processing conservative.

The Song of the Day is “The First Attack” from the 1987 Proclaimers album “This Is the Story“. No sound samples but what Amazon has. Sorry.