573 – The Bicycle And The Wall

As a child I have lived in an old house with yellow walls. Warm, yellow walls on a summer day, this still evokes the feeling of comfort in me. We may not remember the first two years of our childhood, but there are unconscious kinds of memory as well.

Something of that must have gone through my mind when I saw this bicycle leaning against a wall. The warm orange of the body and the yellow of the saddle only added to the feeling. And, did you notice? It’s a Puch!

The Song of the Day is “Marlene On The Wall” from Suzanne Vega’s 1985 self-titled album. See her perform live on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “573 – The Bicycle And The Wall”

  1. Have you thought about some way to do a site or a page on your bicycles? Now as I think back upon them they are a ballet… twisting and turning through changing light usually with vivid matte colors.

    You are drawn to them almost as a mysterious metaphor for what is missing… the cities around them and the people who unknowingly created each small stage set for your camera.

    Perhaps a series of squares (maybe four or six) printed on large pieces of paper… they will be astounding hung in a row. Or in the same room. You must have a number of them now and everyone holds a piece of story.

    You really should collect them for us Andreas. Um… I mean you really should collect them for you… yeah… you…. heh heh heh…

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