568 – In Children’s Stories

In children’s stories, ways through the forest always look mysterious, like green tunnels of filtered light. Old, mossy trees seam the way, exciting things happen all the time and, wait, there’s more to it. These are not only the ways of the stories, these are the ways of my childhood memories as well. I wonder if this is the archetype of a way, wired into us from times when the whole world was a forest and proper ways did not even exist.

The Song of the Day is “Children’s Story“, Tom Waits’ rendition of the story told in Georg Büchner’s “Woyzeck“. “Blood Money” is Waits’ “Woyzeck” album, but this song is from the 2006 masterpiece “Orphans“. Hear it on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “568 – In Children’s Stories”

  1. Oh, this is beautiful.

    I love the light, the mystery; and want to enter to explore!

  2. OK, Kritik: Beim Venditti Video “Sara” hast Du einen Link gewählt, wo man nur die Bühne sieht. Es gibt das Video auch live mit ihm auf der Bühne. Ich finde aber sowieso, dass die Qualität der Bootlegs zu schlecht ist. Ab und zu findet man auch die Studioversion auf YouTube.
    Sonst: Wunderschöner Weg. Mein Weg war immer der Eingang hin zum Mlincka Bach unten beim Kapus. 🙂



  3. I would like to be there! Your photo is really beautiful, and the place and the light, too!
    Sure, you had an extraordinary walk, in this way…
    Thank you for this dream…

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