566 – Wild Mountainside

Actually this is not so wild at all. It is simply the morning view from our garden on Thursday, first of May. I made few other images, most of the time I was processing photos and trying to catch up on this blog.

Wild Mountainside” is another song from Eddi Reader’s lovely 2003 album “Eddi Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns“. See her perform it live at the Scottish Parliament on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “566 – Wild Mountainside”

  1. Once again, the view from your garden is spectacular. And I now have some Eddi Reader , and Robert Burns, in my music library. Wild Mountainside is absolutely beautiful.

  2. Is that all you see from your garden? Time to move.

    Heh heh heh…

    From my garden I see a neighbor’s brick wall. The bricks are nice but seem to concede something to your view. I’ll have to think on just what the differences are. Hmmmm…….

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