564 – I’m Old Fashioned

I love old things. I saw this bicycle on Tuesday, and I immediately liked it. It’s a Puch. This company and its bicycles and motorcycles are part of the Austrian history. Technologically, Puch was always first class, and certainly better than their marketing. My first bicycle was a Puch. Today even the brand is gone.

This image has been taken with the Nikon 50/1.2 at f1.2, post-processing was done entirely in Adobe Camera Raw.

The Song of the Day is the Jerome Kern composition “I’m Old Fashioned“, and like so many times when one deals with Jazz standards, it’s a good idea to first hear what Ella Fitzgerald made of it. I have all the Songbooks in one collection. It is fairly expensive, but well done. This song is on disc 15. On the other hand, when you simply want to get an impression of the song, why don’t just check out Sara Gazarek’s version on YouTube.

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