Hardware Trouble And Stupidity

It’s Saturday morning now. The computer in Carinthia seems to have died a sudden death. Yesterday evening I wanted to begin working on the entry for Tuesday, suddenly the screen went black and this was it. Rebooting does not help. The computer seems to hang. I can’t tell for sure, because it does not display anything. It worked only so long as to let me move my images of the last week from my portable hard drive.

MOVE” is the word, yes. I can’t remember ever having moved my data from the portable drive to one of my computers. I always copy. Well, this time I did not, and that means the images of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are now on a hard drive that I cannot access. I still have them in Vienna as well, but that does not help me at all at the moment.

At the moment I write from my laptop. I have everything I need for image processing installed, thus I could work on it. Grrrr …. what a mess!

4 thoughts on “Hardware Trouble And Stupidity”

  1. As I’ve whined on my blogsite recently… I too had another hardware FLUMP! What, is it Spring? As I write this my portable external hard-drive is getting formatted for Apple’s Time Machine application which automatically will backup every hour. Now that I have lost three hard drives on these MacBook Pros… well I have become paranoid.

    But this is not about me… beyond sharing your pain. Why is nothing beyond you and me… perfect?



  2. Yeah, paranoia is a really useful treat 🙂

    But: the new computer is really fine. It cost about a third of the old, is twice as fast and almost silent. The old one was once built as a gaming machine, and this is just another word for something that sounds like a blow-dryer 🙂

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