560 – The Magic Castle

It’s Tuesday evening now and this is the image of Friday. I’m not exactly catching up, but I’m not falling further behind either. One gets so humble 🙂

Actually there was not much material and I was lucky finding anything at all. This image, taken with the Sigma 30/1.4, was shot when I had just arrived in Carinthia. As you may remember, my father had been in Vienna for two weeks, and we returned together, me driving his car. He’s 73 after all.

Traffic was modest, all the accidents (two exactly) were on the opposite lanes, and so it was rather relaxed. When we crossed the border to Carinthia, even the sun came out. Unfortunately this didn’t help me much, because driving on the highway you are at least as unable to take photographs as on the train.

In post-processing I have cropped the image to be symmetric, cloned out some distractions, and re-adjusted contrasts between sky and earth, mimicking an ND gradient filter. Basically that’s it.

The Song of the Day is “In The Forest” from the 2004 Coral album “Magic and Medicine“. Sorry, no video found.

3 thoughts on “560 – The Magic Castle”

  1. Nice touch of colour on the clouds. Interesting choice of music. Hadn’t heard of Coral before but I’m intrigued.

  2. a picture like a whole fairy tale. well seen – and the light was just right!

  3. What metaphor lives in the clouds? Why do they make our heads snap fiercely enough to cause whiplash? What is it that poets, composers, painters, and photographers attempt to suck from them?

    They have so much meaning… but… but… what the hell is it?

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