559 – Obeisance

Let’s carry on with last week, shall we? These are some of the images of Thursday. There would be some more, but it is obscenely late, I’m afraid I’ll have to get some sleep 🙂

Oh, by the way, I have to apologize to all those whom I normally visit and to those whose mails and comments I failed to answer. I am very short of time at the moment, and even processing the images that I make costs my sleep.

The first image is one of a reflection in the back window of a car. This is something that I photograph every once in a while, because I like these distorted images of liquified architecture.

Number two is actually Jokerman Revisited. I went by once more, there were signs of work done, but basically he is still there. This time I took the image from another perspective, and then in Photoshop carried it a tad further.

Both of the last images were heavily manipulated in Photoshop, much further than I normally go, and in contrast to that, this landscape shot, taken in Vienna’s vineyards, is only frugally enhanced. Actually I love this image. I think it looks much wider than it is. Would you believe that this was shot with an effective focal length of 75mm?

And then there is the Image of the Day. Some contrast and color corrections, some vignetting added, but otherwise this is pretty much what came out of the camera. Well, sort of. What I mean is, this incredible softness of the out of focus areas is solely due to the wide aperture at f1.2.

All images were shot using the Nikon 50/1.2. A remarkable lens, and did I mention that it is a beast to focus?

The Song of the Day is actually a soundtrack. It’s the soundtrack to “Le Roi Danse” by Gérard Corbiau. The music is by one of my favorite baroque composers, by Jean-Baptiste Lully. See some fantastic dance scenes from the movie on YouTube.

3 thoughts on “559 – Obeisance”

  1. LOL , I think we can all hear you on the sleep and commenting part. Beautiful photos, Love the dandilion..great perspective.

  2. Great images. I liked the original Jokerman but the different angle here makes this my favourite. The country lane is also a great capture. Makes me want to escape from the city and I can almost smell the country air.

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