558 – Good To Be Back

I’m five days behind! That’s a First! As I reported shortly, we had a computer crash in Carinthia. The PC would not boot at all. On Saturday afternoon we bought a new PC in Klagenfurt, and installing it, that’s what I did since. What a weekend!

It finally turned out it was the system disc. It may have had a head-crash, something else may have have happened and may have taken down the disc as well, in any case it’s gone. Good news is that I have not lost any image data, bad news is that we lost some other important things like emails. We’ll let a specialist try to recover the data. So far my theory is, that most of the drive must be OK, and that most of the data must be recoverable. We’ll see and I’ll let you know.

The computer in Carinthia still lacks some software for image processing, that is to follow next weekend. Today I wouldn’t have been able to use it anyway.

These are images of Wednesday. I have processed them on the train. Originally I would have liked to do Thursday as well, but I was too tired, and some of Thursday’s images need my full attention 🙂

I am still after those soft, blurry images, and over the course of the next days you’ll see various approaches. Wednesday it was the Nikon 50/1.2. This is a manual focus lens and, honestly, it is a pain to use. On the other hand, in those cases when I manage to get what I want, I like what I get.

The first image is a detail of a carved pillar at the entrance to a Chinese restaurant. This is a place that I pass by very often, and I am attracted to the colors, especially on gray days. The environment is not overly beautiful, thus using a macro-like approach is probably a good idea. Of course this is no macro lens, not at all, but due to the extremely shallow depth of field, the look is not far from what macro shots look like.

The next image is one of my typical bicycle portraits, nothing new, and you may have seen the pose before. I still like the image, not the least for its colors.

The final image is a detail from Spittelberg, one of Vienna’s more picturesque neighborhoods. I love the ivy and the mysterious oblique lines in the background.

The Song of the Day is “Good To Be Back” from Natalie Cole’s 1989 album of the same title.

One thought on “558 – Good To Be Back”

  1. Hi Andreas,

    Glad that you are back. Having one’s computer crash is no fun at all!!

    I dearly LOVE the image of the tulips. If soft, blurry images are what you are after, you most definitely succeeded with this one. I love the colors, the light and the depth of field. This is beautiful.

    And, I really like the image of the bicycle, too. Very simple and very effective.

    Not to worry that you missed a few days. One does indeed need a bit of a break every now and then.

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