557 – Sarah

May I introduce my niece Sarah? She is a year and some days old, daughter of my sister Astrid and her husband Martin, and she is the delight of my father, who has spent the last two weeks working in Vienna and living with them. Yesterday we returned to Carinthia.

These images are from my visit on Tuesday evening. I had already worked on them and uploaded them to SmugMug, thus I can post this entry. The other images of the week, Wednesday and Thursday, are unrecoverable at the moment, I will post them when I am back in Vienna.

The Song of the Day is “Sara” from Antonello Venditti’s 1978 album “Sotto Il Segno Dei Pesci“. The lyrics are not exactly what one would write about his baby niece, but Bob Dylan’s “Sara” wouldn’t have been better in this regard 🙂

See Antonello Venditti perform live on YouTube.

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