541 – Helpless

Not my most photographic day. I’ve installed ESET Internet Security on two computers and tried a memory upgrade on two laptops. Well, ESET was a full success, just like on my computer in Vienna. Getting rid of Norton Internet Security and installing ESET was almost as effective as a processor upgrade. Highly recommended.

The memory upgrade did not go so well. I’ve bought 2 GB for a notebook that has 512 MB installed, the memory is faster than what came with the computer … and it didn’t work. I tried it then in my own notebook, same game, slightly faster memory, same result. Either I have bought defective memory, or notebooks are very much more sensitive to mismatches in memory timings. I’ve never before had problems with too fast memory. Oh well.

This image is from my 5 minutes photo session in the garden. That was it 🙂

The Song of the Day is Neil Young’s “Helpless“, but not from “The Last Waltz”, not from “Unplugged” and not even from Neil Young: Patti Smith sang it on her 2007 cover album “Twelve“, and someone on YouTube has illustrated it with images from Wim Wenders’ “Der Himmel über Berlin”. Not the worst combination.