540 – I’m A Lumberjack, And I’m Okay

Saturday morning I woke up from the door bell. I thought it was the baker who comes every Saturday morning. “I’m coming!”, said I and dressed quickly, rushed to the door, opened it and … saw cousin Peter smiling in my puzzled face, just like on this image, in full attire, saying: “C’mon, let’s go and cut down some trees!”. I’d give a lot for an image of my face 🙂

It turned out that he was here to fell two trees near our house, just on the other side of the street. He said he needed me to watch for cars, and I thought I couldn’t let him work alone, so I volunteered to help him. Well, two trees became eight, and when we were done with work it was four hours later.

The Image of the Day is from late afternoon. This is a pond near Klagenfurt and I love the reflections of the trees.

The Song of the Day is the “Lumberjack Song” from “Monty Python Sings“. See the video on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “540 – I’m A Lumberjack, And I’m Okay”

  1. You were wise to show a picture of Peter because when you say he was dressed ‘in full attire’ I might otherwise have thought he’d “…put on women’s clothing…” for the occasion which certainly would have explained your puzzled face.

    Nice image by the way, the reflections really do make it.

  2. Oh yes, the subtleties of the English language still puzzle me at times 🙂

    Yes, the reflections drew me in. I am not really satisfied with the image. I think a very clever B&W conversion could be a good idea. Otoh, I like the color. Anyway, it’s what it is.

  3. Genau das ist es! 😀 Mein Lieblingsbild von Peter, das häng ich mir jetzt daheim auf! Steht der Nussbaum noch?



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