537 – More Than Rain

This is the image for Wednesday. I shot it on my way home. Rain had just stopped, the sun was back again, and I saw this gorgeous Mini Cooper, wet and sparkling all over with reflections.

The other two images were made only minutes later, on the same street. I had not expected much more than rain, but I got a big bunch of colors instead. Who would complain?

It’s interesting. All three images were made with the Nikon 18-200 VR. Well, when you look into the sidebar and scroll way down to the labels, then you’ll see that the 18-200 is by far my most used lens. OK, what’s interesting now? Well, the interesting thing is, that I have used the Sigma 70/2.8 almost exclusively for about four months, suddenly I am back to the 18-200, and now I stick with that. Don’t ask me about my inspiration, but that’s how funny it works 🙂

The Song of the day is “More Than Rain” from Tom Waits’ classic “Franks Wild Years“. See him perform live on YouTube.

7 thoughts on “537 – More Than Rain”

  1. cute cars these mini coopers have a friend who just got a pup they call cooper. I like the color of course and how you can make rain look amazing lol..

  2. Since a month or two I have followed your photoblog. And each time, you have been able to surprise me, with the pictures you place. It’s striking how clear the colors are and how unexpected the composites. A broad scale to subjects. The experiments.
    They all inspire me to find new ways in making my own pictures I have in mind.

    It is nice looking to someones view to the world around with pictures like this. 🙂

    With kind regards,
    Esther Jongste (my photographers name is Emma; to make things easy 😉 )
    Ooh, by the way, I am from the Netherlands

  3. Hi Esther,

    I’m glad to see you here and I’m glad you like what I do. You know, photographic success is mostly when an image becomes whet you want it to be. It’s solitary. Blogging, publishing one’s work, is a different thing. I can remember how excited I was when I got my first comment on my fifth or sixth blog entry, only to find out that it was SPAM. It really didn’t take that long, about a month, until I got the occasional real comment, and since then it has been quite steady. Basically that’s what keeps us blogging and blogging forces me to stay creative. One fuels the other.

    Thanks for your nice comment.

  4. Hi Andreas,
    You’re so right. It is a little bit confusing. With my blogs, I’m in the experimental phase. And it is hard working, keeping them up tot date. :-)( so I admire you’re steadiness in this even more 🙂 )
    More recently work, you will find on my gallery at Zoom.nl. (if you are still interested; http://gallery.zoom.nl/user/3870/emma.html
    (last post, you will recognize in style.;) It’s dedicated to friends of me. They are like the image, spreading light and warmth and coloring their surroundings.Nice people 😉 ) It’s a Dutch Photo community where I post most frequently.

    The BrightLightBlog is the one where I post photographs, for where I’m asked for. This one is for a shop.They think about making postcards of this one, to sell them in their shop. Well that’s a nice beginning for me. Don’t you think?

    There won’t come a fifth (I think :-?)
    Hesitating where I will post this one. @yours or mine blog. Why not both. 🙂

  5. I almost forgot to say, what a marvelous idea to link your pictures with a song. Another thing you can surprise me with. And that for almost every day. 🙂
    How do you manage that. The Google thing, I suppose. Or are you a music freak too and all this stuff is ‘actual knowledge’? (I don’t remember the right words for this, will you forgive me? :-))

  6. Actually these are all songs that I own (meaning: have bought). I have ripped the CDs and now I have about 27000 tracks on my hard drive. When I search for a Song of the Day, I search in these files for keywords in the name. Here it was simple: “rain”. Well, the problem is, that I find the “train” songs as well 🙂

    Finding the lyrics via Google is usually simple, Amazon almost always has the album, and nowadays most songs are on YouTube as well. Still: at times I spend more time with the song than with the image 🙂

  7. Well you’re a music man too. 27.000 titles. How many time will it take to listen to them in a row. 😉
    (After a little calculating, 24 weeks listening 24/7)
    You can start a radio station as well. 🙂
    Nevertheless, I like this way of showing your view to the world in combination with the music thing.
    (Orange Knickers is one of the little surprises, it brought me)

    If you would consider to give up bloggging, don’t! You have a big Dutch fan. And that ‘s international. 😉
    greetings from Holland

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