534 – The Red Bench II

How does your inspiration work? Mine at least has its own ways. Today I set out to create another one of these images with unfocused swatches of color in the foreground, and while I drove, I realized that I was mentally closed. I looked for flowers and blossoms, nothing else, and although I know that this normally produces the desired results, it does not feel half as good as simply letting go, opening myself up to the world around me, dialing the ego to a lower level, stopping to think about my environment, letting it run through me, tasting the wind, drinking the sun, touching the light, getting entangled in lines and embraced by colors.

No, I’m not drunk and it’s not always so dramatic, but basically that is the nature of my inspiration, and when I give in, I have no idea what to expect. In this state of mind images just happen, because I am at a higher level of sensitivity to what is around me. I react to the smallest impulse, and I react immediately. Being alone helps greatly 🙂

The Song of the Day is the hilarious rendering of “My Way” by the Austrian brass septet Mnozil Brass from “Smoke Live“. There are some clips on YouTube, unfortunately not this one, but to get a feeling for what this band is about, you could see their version of “Bohemian Rhapsody“.

One thought on “534 – The Red Bench II”

  1. These are indeed inspired. It’s that amazing quality of light, I think, that makes them stand out. Looks like spring has arrived in Carinthia and it has affected your mood as well. The picture of the day has me yearning for spring and the fence line image makes me want to get out of the city.

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