531 – We’re All Mad Here

Inspiration is a strange process. Yesterday morning when I went to work, I saw this bicycle, leaning against the post of a traffic sign, saw the other sign in the back, saw that those three objects, two of which we normally would assume to be properly vertical, were leaning in quite some angle to each other and to the buildings … and I knew, I had to take an image. Not only that: I knew that it had to be a vertical, that it had to be placed along the diagonal, and that it would not do to go near and use a wide angle lens. I had to be quite a way away and I had to use 200mm, the longest focal length that I have available. Inspiration? Experience? Style?

Everybody would take this image in a different way, almost nobody would take it at all … Inspiration is a strange thing.

The other image, the funny guy, is from another bicycle, one sign post further down. Both were shot with the Nikon 18-200 VR.

The Song of the Day is “We’re All Mad Here” from Tom Waits’ album “Alice“.

3 thoughts on “531 – We’re All Mad Here”

  1. The little clown…. Have you considered him cropped as a square? I really like this little guy and the way you’ve plucked him out against that background palette. But this seems to my mind an invitation for working within the square format (one you don’t visit very often… why izzat?).


  2. I have, yes, but I like the streaks of red and ochre on the sides, and by cropping I would lose them.

  3. It’s a great study on the perspective compression that one gets from 200mm focal length. It really gives a “crowded” feeling to the photo.

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