530 – There In A Dream

I shot this image Wednesday evening, on my way back home. Basically I was experimenting with the same idea that I work on more than a week now: the effect of unfocused foregrounds. It makes a difference though, whether you try this in bright daylight or at night. In daylight you can use the foreground to add a touch of diffuse, bright color. At night most foregrounds are much too dark for that. They simply go black. Using flash would be possible but in the typical situation on the street it’s much too complicated. Most of the time the on-camera flash is too bright and would overexpose the foreground, while fiddling with a detached flash is awkward.

In these situations I look for different foregrounds. Here you see the reflections of bright street lights on a car. This, along with the slight tilt and the strange angles, gives the scene a surreal, dream-like feeling.

The Song of the Day is “There In A Dream” on “Now is the Hour” by Charlie Haden’s Quartet West.