523 – Pink Thing

OK, Ted wants more, this is more. Wednesday morning, on my way to work, I shot these two images, both using the Nikon 18-200 VR at 200mm.

Green is an easy color, at least at this time of the year. It sprouts everywhere and nothing is simpler than to hide in a bush and take your images from within, keeping the de-focused leaves as colorful foreground.

Having the choice between green and pink, I chose pink for … the form of a hat? Fact is, I can’t justify this image with rules. I can’t and won’t justify it at all, but I know that it has a certain quality, and I won’t even deny that my grandmother wore hats like this and that there may be a connection.

Edit: as suggested by feedback on the Radiant Vista forums, I have made a variant of this image that eliminates the orange wall in the upper left. Much more harmony, for sure.

The Song of the Day is “Pink Thing” from the classic 1989 XTC album “Oranges & Lemons“.