522 – War No More, War No More

Weather stays unpredictable. In the morning I left home under blue sky and sunshine, ready to shoot the marvels that would unfold on my way to work, but after only 500 meters I had to bury my plans in falling snow. Slightly fed up I took the tram.

Most of the day was sunny while I was at work, and sure enough the sun vanished as soon as I went home. Oh well!

This image was taken through a forsythia shrub. This is basically the same technique of conjuring up color as yesterday, and if the weather stays the same, you may get more of that. I’m sure I can get some nice green, but blue will probably be a challenge 🙂

The image is dedicated to the victims of suppression in Tibet, and the Song of the Day is “Wartime Prayer” from Clarence Bucaro’s 2004 album “Sense of Light“. No lyrics, no video.

2 thoughts on “522 – War No More, War No More”

  1. great picture, great message. only the dark bulb is a bit distracting, but the repetition of the color yellow in the flowers to the left is good.

    And I will try to use your technique – as soon as this morning’s snow melts – so thanks for disclosing.

    Have a happy easter – Markus

  2. What are you up to? Today and yesterday new color palettes? You rarely go this primal. Whoa… you gotta do it more. Terrific chroma control Andreas… I really like the misty effect… dreamy hot colors. Yeah… work more in this, want to see where you can take it.

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